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Genelle Austin-Lett Genelle Austin-Lett
Genelle Austin-Lett is a Christian Scientist and the founder and director of which provides wonderful resources for better understanding the Bible. has especially rich offerings for children and teens, as well as for the adults who work with them. Genelle has decades of experience teaching youth, and has been a professor at California State University, San Jose, where she directed the speech and debate team. Genelle also gives Bible-related talks for Bible Study Seminars at Aslilomar, Higher Ground and other venues. She has also contributed to the Christian Science periodicals.

Nancy Baxter Nancy Niblack Baxter
Nancy Baxter is a fifty-year Christian Scientist, a class-taught student and a member of The Mother Church and branch church in the northern Indianapolis area. She is the senior editor at Hawthorne Publishing in Carmel, Indiana and is the author of Mr. Dickey: Secretary to Mary Baker Eddy as well as eleven books on the American Civil War and frontier history. Nancy Baxter is the 2000 recipient of the Indiana Historical Society Eli Lilly Lifetime Achievement Award in Indiana History.

Jodi Beatty Jodi Beatty

Jodi Crump Beatty is a lifelong Christian Scientist. She's been a counselor at a Christian Science camp for many years. She is a mom of 2 young boys. She has taught Sunday School for a number of years, and emphasizes the idea that everyone can heal. In teaching Sunday School and talking with children, she has learned that with a true understanding of the harmony of The Bible stories, a child can learn to be a healer easily - and have this understanding for life. With that goal in mind, she has organized a Vacation Bible School for Christian Science children, from the ground up, for 2 summers with the help of many other Christian Scientists devoted to the love of children and The Bible. She has also served as a Christian Science practitioner and lives in Northern Virginia.

David Boone CS David Boone

David Boone is a Christian Science Practitioner active in his Branch Church. He also serves on the Board of Trustees of The Leaves Inc., a Christian Science Nursing facility. Before entering the practice he managed his own businesses and has written two books on leadership. He is a U.S. Navy veteran. From an early age he enjoyed mathematics and has both a BA and MS in Mathematics and Statistics. Married with two children he lives in Dallas, Texas. David also does an internet radio broadcast "Thoughts of Healing", available on demand, for Prayerful Living Internet Radio (PLIR) click here to access.

Dr. Alex Cavalli Dr. Alex Cavalli
Dr. Alexander Cavalli, Ph.D., is formerly the Deputy Director of the Institute for Innovation, Creativity, and Capital at the The University of Texas at Austin. He has been a member of the Austin High Tech Community for over 20 years where he was an early pioneer in using the Internet for electronic commerce. In his various capacities he has been highly regarded as a skilled presenter and has been an invited speaker at a wide variety of conferences. Currently he has his own consulting company. Alex is a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist in Austin, Texas. He has served as Board Member, Board Chairman, First Reader and Sunday School teacher. He also performs two Biblical one-man shows, The Gospel According to St. John and Paul, Face to Face ( Alex has a Ph.D. in Physics from Dartmouth College.

MJ Chaignot Mary Jane Chaignot
Mary Jane Chaignot graduated with a Masters of Arts degree in both the Old and New Testaments from Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN.  She has conducted daylong Bible Seminars throughout the country.  She is also leading several Bible Study Groups for local churches.  For several years she has taught Bible Classes at Principia Summer Session through the PACE program.  Mary Jane authored the series on Mark, published in the Christian Science Journal over a period of two years.  She is currently a contributor to is also one of the faculty for Bible Study Seminars at Asilomar and for the regional conferences conducted by Higher Ground.

Geroge Denninger CS George Denninger CS
George Denninger, CS, has been a practicing Christian Scientist and artist for over thirty-five years and has been pursuing the deeper meaning of Mary Baker Eddy’s book, Christ and Christmas since 2002. He began lecturing on the subject in 2005 to an ever-expanding audience throughout the USA. He loves to share the wonderful message that Mary Baker Eddy offers us in her illustrated book. George is also an artist, designer and gallery owner in St. Charles, Missour.

Dr. Laurance Doyle Dr. Laurance Doyle
Laurance R. Doyle, Ph.D., is a Principal Investigator with the SETI Institute in Mountain View, California where his main projects have been the photometric detection of extrasolar planets, the application of information theory to animal communications, the ecology of circumstellar habitable zones, and the application of quantum physics to solve certain astronomical problems. He is an editor of the Journal of Entropy and a guest editor of the Journal of Sustainability. He is a visiting Lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz teaching classes on Life in the Universe, and Light & Optics, and has about one hundred refereed papers in the scientific literature. He is President of PlanetQuest, a non-profit corporation that brings planet detection capability to the public via an educational screen-saver and browser. He has taught quantum physics, thermodynamics, introductory astronomy, history of science and Native American history at Principia College in Illinois. He has lectured for the Christian Science Board of Lectureship and is a contributing editor for the Christian Science Sentinel and the Christian Science Journal.

Galen Goldsmith Galen Goldsmith CS
Galen Goldsmith, CS, has a Master of Arts in Religion from Iliff School of Theology in Denver, Colorado and Master of Philosophy in Classical Hebrew from Cambridge University in England. She is proficient in the three Biblical languages, Hebrew, Greek and Aramaic. In addition to getting these degrees she is class instructed in Christian Science, has served as a Christian Science nurse and is now devoting full time to prayer and study as a Christian Science practitioner. Galen has read the entire Bible in its original languages; and reads the Bible Lessons without any translation! She is responsible for explaining text and meaning for the Old Testament window of a bible study program called STEP which will be published on the Tyndale House Toolbar in the near future..

Robin Hutchinson Robin Hutchinson CS

Robin Hutchinson, CS, is a class taught Christian Scientist Practitioner with 10 years of RR experience. She is founder of Christian Science Fast Forward (CSFF) (, a full service practice, and consulting company for Reading Rooms (RR). She has long sought to find ways to invigorate the Christian Science movement and RRs in particular. Robin has a BFA from Washburn University, Topeka, KS. She worked as a graphic artist for Sprint in Overland Park, KS. When first in NY, she worked as a free-lance graphic artist and did temporary work until she was lead to work in RRs, which she has a passion for. Her Reading Room experience include: Overseeing execution of POS system for RR: upload inventory, hand scan inventory, create bar codes, oversee and troubleshoot technology issues; (3-4 month project) (NY); On Renovation Committee for RR: help decide and design renovation of RR (NY); Librarian and Creative Assistant: assist with purchase of window decorations, window design and execution; created sandwich board posters, RR Brochure, etc.; Created RR Manual; Organized and helped dispose of unwanted and unused items; went through cabinets, literature, supplies, etc. (a year long project) (NY); Prepare RR for opening day and served as Assistant Head Librarian: organized literature; implemented an inventory spreadsheet – to keep track of inventory; oversaw inventory; assisted with where items should go and display of literature; (NY); Served as Librarian (KS)

Christa Kreutz Christa Martin Kreutz
Christa Martin Kreutz started her career as an artist. Later she received her Masters of Theological Studies focusing on Biblical studies and the extracanonical Gospel of Mary. She has taught college courses on Biblical studies for a few years and Bible seminars for branch Christian Science churches with particular focus on the women in the Bible. Presently, she is continuing her art and Biblical studies. She is currently focusing on the Biblical principles of sustainability and practical applications of sustainable living. She is a mother to three sons. She also contributes to the Christian Science periodicals.

Trevor Leach Trevor Leach CS
Trevor Leach, CS, started his career as a Chartered Accountant.  Subsequently he became a business and tax consultant.  In 1995, Trevor started the Mustard Seed Events in Scotland and since that time has run hundreds of Mustard Seed Bible Workshops in the British Isles, USA and Nigeria. Trevor has been involved in a number of inter faith ecumenical prayer groups in the Isle of Man over the last fifteen years.  He always loved attending the Christian Science Sunday School in Buxton, Derbyshire, England and for many years has been a keen Bible student and avid reader of religious books.   He has been Sunday School Superintendent, First and Second Reader, President and Chairman of the Board at his Christian Science branch church in Douglas, Isle of Man and C.O.P. of the Isle of Man.  He has produced videos and run workshops for The World Healing Crusade in the UK. He began lecturing when he was 18 – mainly in connection with his “day job” in the Accountancy field and is now involved in Missionary work in Africa. Trevor is in the public practice of Christian Science and is listed on and is a weekly contributor to's Bible Lesson study tools.

Rabbi David Louis Rabbi David Louis
Rabbi David Louis, Musician, Artist, Lecturer on Kabala. Rabbi Louis lectures on the metaphysics of the Hebrew letters according to the most ancient traditions. His presentations are accompanied by  his paintings and illustrations. He has presented art shows of oil and watercolor paintings or various techniques and genres: coloristic and illusionist landscapes with personal interpretations, pulsing and pulsating abstract works. He also combines storytelling with performance on harp, trumpet and flute.  During the last decade Rabbi Louis has been invited to lecture around the world to audiences of various cultures and denominations.A gifted musician from an early age, Rabbi Louis has performed with symphony orchestras around the world. He conducted his own works with the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra, the San Francisco Symphony, the Berkeley Symphony, and the Pasadena Chamber Orchestra. He worked with Leonard Bernstein, Jan Pierce, the Buddy Rich Orchestra, and played at Woodstock. During his continuing musical career he has produced three albums, one played by London Brass and the Israel Philharmonic Brass.  During the 1960’s he began to study Jewish mysticism, Kabala and Chassidus. From a long line of painters, he finds inspiration for paintings in his mystical studies. For information on Rabbi Louis' connection to Christian Science, click here.

Linn Moffett CS Linn Moffett

Linn Moffett, Chaplain, is a spiritual seeker for Truth, with an avant-garde spirit.  Her passion is to continue to learn the language of Spirit—a language that transcends national, cultural, and dimensional barriers—thereby touching the heart of humanity.

As Chaplain, Linn’s work has been pioneering, innovative, and impactful within seven County jails, within hospital, medical, and mental facilities, and as an independent spiritual healer for over thirty years.  With more than ten thousand face-to-face interviews per year over the course of eight years, her healing work is well documented within the State institutional archives.  She received fifty-two awards in recognition of her healing work in a single hospital, operated by Seventh Day Adventists.  This opened doors to all other Orange County, California hospitals and medical facilities.  During this time, Linn consulted with various physicians and specialists about Christian Science healing, and provided written answers to medical questions—from a spiritual perspective—for physicians, nurses, and staff.

Linn’s cross-cultural community development work, and the championing of tacit knowledge as a highly valued resource--in communities, organizations, and individual relationships--has been illustrated through serving on various executive boards.  She initiated and taught a few long-term community Bible study groups, and has been involved with interfaith activities in several communities simultaneously, as well as on college campuses.  Linn has also participated and served in profit and not-for-profit, non-partisan, grassroots, and advocacy organizations across many humanitarian platforms.  She has chaired an institutional committee, which represented twenty-three non-profit organizations. Linn worked with top government officials, and successfully brought to their attention the need for stronger ministerial representation of a sort that had been denied for more than fifty years.  She implemented the rewriting of several health bills for the inclusion of spiritual healing, which were submitted for Congressional vote.  Linn has been a guest speaker and guest reverend at various events and religious services.

Linn’s multi-faceted career has run from the entertainment field to the executive suite.  She has served on several advisory boards, a major hospital’s ethics committee, and has written, blogged, been quoted and published in Sacred Volume, The Charter for Compassion, The Interfaith Observer, and by The University of Kansas.  She is founder of The Science of Being Institute and maintains a private practice in Cambria, CA, where she uniquely bridges the understanding of scientific methods with spiritual practices as demonstrated throughout her life work.

Mark Mohlenbrock Mark Mohlenbrock
Mark Mohlenbrock is publisher of and the Weekly Bible Notes. Mark was a summer faculty member for the PACE program (Principia College's summer adult education program) in 2006 and 2007 where he taught classes on Internet Bible Study and Christian Science in the Technological Age.

Laura Moliter Laura Moliter CS
Laura Moliter, CS, has been a Christian Science practitioner since 1998. She is the author of the book The Key to the Kingdom: How a Change in Perspective Can Make Your Earth More Like Heaven, which provides the reader with spiritual insights Laura has gained and utilized successfully in her healing practice. Laura has also been led to write and share daily e-mail messages inspired by quotes from the Bible and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy. These have been called healing treatments by those who subscribe. Laura is a former journalist and has had many articles and poems published in the Christian Science periodicals and on, as well as several in her local newspaper. She has conducted workshops discussing spiritual solutions to life’s daily challenges. Laura also enjoys writing songs and singing with her twin sister in the band, Rare Birds in Flight. She began her professional practice in New York City and currently resides in Austin, TX, with her husband, Billy.

Pierre Pradervand Pierre Pradervand
Pierre Pradervand is presently an adult trainer and writer. Pierre studied at the universities of Geneva, Bern and Michigan (Ann Arbor). He has had the privilege of living, traveling, doing research or working in well over 40 countries of the five continents in many capacities (sociology, his basic training, program director in Africa, international journalism, running programs for schools on Third World education, international consultant, and presently as an adult trainer and writer.) His 15 books have appeared in as many languages on topics spanning the fields of international development, spirituality and personal growth. He has for years been spearheading activities to free an innocent Texan inmate who spent 25 years on death row. He is also a volunteer at the local Geneva prison.

Robert Rockabrand Dr. Robert Rockabrand
Dr. Robert Rockabrand, Principia College Professor Emeritus of Music. Bob earned his doctor of musical arts degree from Stanford University. He taught at Principia College from 1975 until his retirement in 1997. As the College’s choral director, Rockabrand led frequent tours in the U.S. with a combined chorus of College and Upper School singers. He has directed Principia travel-study programs to Europe and taught at alumni events and PACE sessions. His awards include a certificate of merit for innovative academic advising from the American Council of Teachers and an alumni merit award from Westminster Choir College. He produced and directed the 1988 recording of hymns published by The First Church of Christ, Scientist, entitled The Healing Word of Love. Bob has also composed and arranged hymns for the 2008 Hymnal Supplement and future supplements.

Larry Schlack Larry Slack
Larry Schlack, PhD, is an educator by vocation and an architectural historian by avocation. He's been active in Michigan education for many years as a teacher, college professor, and school administrator. His academic degrees are a BA from Michgan State University and an MA and Ph.D. from the University of Michigan. Larry is a member of First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Kalamazoo, MI, and The Mother Church. He has photographed Christian Science churches throughout the U.S. (and some in Canada and England). For several years he has presented programs on the history of Christian Science church architecture.

Derek Swire CS Derek Swire CS

R. Derek Swire, C.S., has been a long time student and researcher of the Bible and its history. His studies include Bible courses at The Principia College, courses presented by the Asilomar Bible Conference, Bible Roads under the tutelage of Madelon Maupon, courses presented by Cobbey Crisler, former Professor of Biblical History at Daycroft School and renowned scholar, lecturer and conductor of tours throughout the Holy Land, and texts by Karen King, Winn Professor of Ecclesiastical Study at Harvard Divinity School, Elaine Page's, Harrington Spear Paine Professor of Religion at Princeton University and Bart D. Ehrman, Chair of the department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Derek had a theatrical career on Broadway and for major repertory theatres as an actor, stage manager and director and as Managing Director of Los Angeles Ballet. He then entered into film production work for Orion Pictures, MGM, and Phoenix Pictures. He had been involved in spiritual healing work for many years and entered full-time into the public healing practice of Christian Science 10 years ago. Derek served on the Boards of the three branch churches of which he has been a member, as well as teaching Sunday School in all three. He has been First Reader at two of the branches and Second Reader for one. He has also served on numerous church committees and served as Reading Room librarian. Derek was a member of the One on One Christian Science Committee in New York City visiting prison inmates at Riker’s Island prison. He has served on the Board of The Visiting Nurse Service for Christian Scientists in Los Angeles County in California and is currently on the Board of Desert View Christian Science Nursing Facility in Scottsdale, Arizona. Derek has been Assistant Committee on Publication for his former church in California and now in Arizona.

Robert Weiss Robert Weiss
Robert Weiss is in the part-time public practice of Christian Science. He is also President/owner of Edelweiss Communications where he offers classes in public speaking, foreign languages and biblical Aramaic and Hebrew. Robert also plays and teaches guitar. He has an MA in Spanish language and literature from the University of Missouri, Kansas City and an MBA in Finance-Accounting from Rockhurst Univerity in Kansas City.

Anthony Whitehouse Anthony Whitehouse CS
Anthony Whitehouse CS is a British/Swiss national who emigrated to Switzerland in 1970 after completing his studies as a CPA. He joined the Mother Church in the same year. In 1973 he obtained a Masters Degree in Business Administration from IMD in Lausanne. In 1992 he founded his own business management firm specializing in providing business support to people in  the entertainment, arts and fashion industries.   In 2006 he became a Journal-listed practitioner. His wife Jean was a opera singer and former soloist at the Mother Church.

John Woodsworth John Woodsworth
John Woodsworth has been involved in the study, teaching and translation of language (mainly Russian) for more than fifty years now.  One of his first summer jobs was in the Translations Department of the Christian Science Publishing Society, for which he has done free-lance work ever since.  A native of Vancouver (British Columbia), for the past 30 years he and his family have made their home in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, where he has been associated with the Department of Modern Languages and the Slavic Research Group at the University of Ottawa.  Since the early 1990s John has also been a free-lance translator, with 24 published book-length translations to his credit (plus many poem translations, along with original poetry in Russian).  One of his major projects over the past decade was the translation of the 9-volume Ringing Cedars Series (by contemporary Siberian writer Vladimir Megré).  For several of these volumes he was given the opportunity to write a Translator’s Preface or Afterword, including (with the editor’s encouragement) the description of significant parallels between these books and Christian Science — see, for example, and  At the University of Ottawa John has the privilege of working closely with Dr Andrew Donskov, one of the world’s foremost experts on the Russian writer Leo Tolstoy, and over the years has translated a considerable number of texts by or relating to Tolstoy — including, quite recently, an 1100-page biographical memoir by the writer’s wife, Sofia Andreevna Tolstaya, entitled My life (a co-translation with Arkadi Klioutchanski under Andrew Donskov’s editorship).  In 2003 John presented a paper (in Russian) at an international conference at Yasnaya Polyana (Tolstoy’s ancestral estate south of Moscow) on “Leo Tolstoy and Mary Baker Eddy: a comparative view”, which was very well received by the scholars present.  In 2006 he expanded this into another conference paper (given at York University in Toronto) entitled “Links across space & time: the life and works of Leo Tolstoy, Mary Baker Eddy and Vladimir Megré”.  John is a certified Russian-English translator, accredited by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Ontario (ATIO) as well as a member of the Literary Translators’ Association of Canada (LTAC).  In 2011 he was accepted into membership in two Russian literary organisations (a rarity, he has been told, for non-Russians).  He and his wife Susan are members of First Church of Christ, Scientist, in Ottawa (Canada).  See his website at:
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