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"The Passion of the Christ"
with Genelle Austin-Lett (LCGA002) bio»

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Description:Jesus' passion week is filled with messages for his disciples and for each of us. Jesus was on a mission, he was not a lamb led to the slaughter. We'll take a day-by-day look at Jesus' dominion and the lessons he taught his disciples leading up to the crucifixion. We will examine in detail some of the major events leading up to resurrection morning.

LCGA002 - The Passion of the Christ

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Genelle Austin-Lett is a Christian Scientist and the founder and director of which provides wonderful resources for better understanding the Bible. has especially rich offerings for children and teens, as well as for the adults who work with them. Genelle has decades of experience teaching youth, and has been a professor at California State University, San Jose, where she directed the speech and debate team. Genelle also gives Bible-related talks for Bible Study Seminars at Aslilomar, Higher Ground and other venues. She has also contributed to the Christian Science periodicals. 

Genelle Austin-Lett
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